Locations for Holiday Photos
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Tuesday, November 17, 2015
By St. Nick
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Get your readers thinking about holiday photos by hinting at the concept. When people think about holiday photos, they likely envision different settings in their mind. Think like your clients! Talk through some ideas for holiday photo shoots, and then offer a link to purchase a session.

1. Local Spots

Know of some awesome locations in your area that are great for photographing? Talk about these spots and show some examples of how the photos turn out.


2. Daytime vs Nightime

If you're willing to offer night sessions, show it off! Especially around the holidays, lights are used more generously, so let your clients know they could have their photos taken with the perfect twinkle in the background.


3. Studio Backdrops

As a professional, you may have a special studio set up for holiday photos. Take some sample images and show them off to your clients. Your setup is unique to your studio - so make sure your clients know it's exclusivity.


4. In-home

Shooting in a client's home allows the clients to feel more comfortable and natural in their environment. If you're ok with taking photos in your clients' living space, make sure it's known. Often clients won't think that their holiday photos could be taken in their own home, so it's your job to tell them.


5. Work Smarter Not Harder

Let your website work to it's own advantage. Link between blog posts and products that are available for sale. Make it easy for someone to buy!


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