Promoting Holiday Sessions
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Friday, December 02, 2016
By Holiday Blog
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We see a lot of businesses who use Facebook to promote upcoming sessions, Santa Claus is a busy man this time of year!  


The sessions posts generally have an image with the time, date, and a phone number to call with no link back to their website.  This is missing a great opportunity to drive traffic to their website.  Inbound traffic is one of the biggest factors for where Google ranks you in search results.  


Here’s how we make it easy for you to use the same type of post, but drive traffic to your site, with the potential to even allow people to pay for their session online.  

Step 1:  Create Your Landing Page

You can create your landing page very easily under the Marketing icon on your PhotoBiz control panel.  You can create as many custom landing pages as you want to promote your sales.  If you’re allowing customers to book/pay/reserve their sales online, you can even link to a Form configured to allow payments.  If you’re using PhotoBiz ECommerce, you can set up a registration to allow your customers to reserve a time and pay their deposit as well.  


You can also set up Google Analytics on your landing page to see how your page performs when you share it out with your audience.  

Step 2:  Share Your Post

Once you’ve created your awesome new landing page, you can share it out to your different social media profiles.  


We build in a 1 click share option so you don’t have to leave your PhotoBiz account to share it.  Simply click on the SHARE button, choose which network you want to post to, and then confirm.  You can promote this session to your clients and leads who may not follow you on social media by sending it as an email campaign.  You can get your session in front of a lot of eyes with a couple clicks of the mouse.  

Step 3:  Get Paid & Capture Leads

Customers love convenience, if you allow your customer to pay for their purchase online, it’s saves everyone time.  You never pay any commission using PhotoBiz and depending on which merchant you’re using (we generally recommend Stripe, but you can use any of these), you’ll get paid right away.  


For customers who want to know more, you can also link to a contact form, which will capture and store their information into your database and client relationship builder automatically for follow up and future remarketing.  

Whether customers are paying for their purchase, looking for more information, or sending you a message through your website, they’re visiting your website and they’re spending time with your business.  Ultimately, legit visits and time spent on site build up and can help improve your rank with search engines.  


Next time you’re offering up a special sale, whether it’s with Santa or another creative theme you have, give a landing page a shot and see how it works for you.  If you need any help with it, give our Web Consultants a call and we’ll show you how it all works.

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