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Monday, December 12, 2016
By Holiday Blog
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With the Holiday shopping season upon us, our fine art customers wished there was a way of displaying their creations so that purchasers could see the intricate details of their work.


We take requests from our customers very seriously and looked to ways to fulfill their requests. After a bit of study we realized that there was a way to combine our state-of-the-art gallery technology with Product Pages, and the result is truly unique.

Now all products will display full size, with a row of thumbnails across the bottom. Shoppers can click on the large image and proceed to the item detail view. 

No one has this type of layout.
Not Shopify, not Etsy, not Squarespace.


No one else has full sized gallery images in their shopping carts as far as we can determine. Equally amazing is how easy it is to set up.


From your Site Builder go to any Products Page, click change for layout options, select “gallery view,” and save changes. There you have it!


While this layout was developed on request from our fine arts customers, it would be equally effective for any product that would benefit from showing fine detail.

Thanks so much to our customers for requesting this because otherwise we may not have developed this awesome new way to display your products.

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