Holiday Mini-Sessions
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Friday, November 13, 2015
By Santa Claus
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Offering mini-sessions is a great way to earn some extra cash around the holidays. Instead of just offering them on your website, provide some extra resources to encourage your audience to purchase a session. As a photographer, mini-sessions may be second nature, but sometimes clients need a little more info. Stick to the basics when you talk about your sessions so you won't come across as being overly sales-y. Here's how:



1. What

Tell your audience what a mini-session is. The idea of a family photo shoot might intimidate some, so candidly describe what a mini session is to your readers.


2. Who

Let your clients know who can be a part of the mini-sessions you offer. Families, siblings, couples, furry friends - be clear on who can be a part of your sessions.


3. When

Mini-sessions are usually taken over the course of a day or a couple of days. Let your clients know the time slots you have available according to your schedule. This way, they will be signing up for something that you have already planned.


3. Where

Clients will want to know the kind of environment in which you're taking their photo. If you have a specific studio set-up or if you are shooting on-location, share an example of what your mini-session finished product would look like.


4. How

Be transparent on how a mini-session runs from start to finish. This way, your day runs smoothly and your client(s) is prepared when it's their turn. Follow up blog posts discussing things like what to wear are great to keep the conversation going about mini-sessions, and serve as an awesome resource for those who sign up for sessions.


5. Why

It's ok to talk about why mini-sessions are great for the holidays. Share your session info on social media along with a description of why taking holiday photos can be beneficial. Benefits can range from gift giving & holiday cards to simply preserving memories.

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